Wednesday, September 27, 2006

#19 Flickr and Hipcal

the road ahead
Originally uploaded by Henry Roxas.
Interesting photo "The Road Ahead" from the new feature in Flickr called "Interestingness."
I'm glad we got to review some of the tools like Flickr because it is just absolute FUN. I viewed lots of interesting photos from the last 7 days from animals to people to flowers to places. It is a wonderful photo management and sharing application site.

I also enjoyed exploring HipCal in the personal organization category. The site is quick to let you know that Hipcal has been taken over by Plaxo whose new calendar will be available by the end of the year. I explored by the demo sign-in and learned about putting various tasks on the calendar which has several formats such as a day planner, calendar, monthly, daily, etc. I can see it being used for college students, business, or anyone who is busy and organized.
Hipcal includes forums for chats about topics, bug reports to explain and get answers for problems in working with the site. I think it is a valuable tool for organization and its only drawback that I can see is the fact that they are changing ownership and revamping currently.


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