Sunday, September 17, 2006

Amazed and Excited about Wikis

Reading all the library wiki examples I am amazed at the endless possibilities for all libraries. Librarians can share ideas and implementations that have worked for them (including websites) with other librarians easily and often.
I especially enjoyed reading from the subject guides wiki from St. Joseph Co. Library with its categories like books (great for book reviews or finding "if you liked this book, try" or book club leaders); genealogy with gen. websites, links, subscription data bases; health including local organizations and services; government services; news and current events; cooking and gardening; recreation; business. education-- all in St. Joseph Co. What a wealth of information for residents where they can ask questions and share information.

The wiki established for a specific event like ALA was also interesting. Delegates could check the calendar of events, rules, contributors, conference questions, discussions, volunteers, and even the weather. This would probably be valuable for events at PLCMC like Novello and even Staff Org. could form a wiki about its events. I just think the tool is invaluable for organizations and even personal group trip planning etc. or hobby information.


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