Saturday, September 02, 2006

This week was packed with new things to learn......

Wow! I’ve been so busy doing all the things in week #4 that I’ve just now found time to post. Who knew that an amazing technology like bloglines and RSS and newsreaders existed?
I spent time setting up my blogline account, exploring the tools to find feeds, subscribing to feeds of interest, linking to coworkers’ blogs, Readers’ Advisory, and Unshelved, the fun feed.
I liked navigating through Feedster and, and Technorati , but did not enjoy I read such articles as one about Digital Audio Books, visual and virtual references for the printed impaired; the weblog of Michael Stephens (book discussions),
My very favorite thing to do is go to and explore feeds and subscribe to them. I spent a lot of time on the “About Gardening” feed.
I was getting frustrated reading instructions etc. on Learning 2.0 and then learned I could subscribe to this and coworkers’ blogs and it made it so much easier not having to go back and forth. And what a timesaver! I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to use this in circulation, but I will definitely use it in my personal life. How great not to have advertisements pop up or having to type URL’s to go to great sites! I’m learning so much.


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