Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reflections and Summary on Learning 2.0 Experience

Learning 2.0, the journey of acquiring knowledge, has been difficult, thrilling, exciting, and successful for me. I appreciate Helene Blowers, and whoever else has been involved in presenting it to us, for your effort and patience in leading us through the process. I'm so glad I took the challenge!

It was even more difficult for me because it came on the heels of two surgeries this summer and it was during the time when we at MOR, as the pilot for the new work plans, were busy getting our plans in order for the year. Also, I took a great deal of flack from my circulation department who thought "completing the study at home was totally unacceptable." In circ. we only have one internet PC, I'm never off the schedule allowing time to be on the computer, and it's always used by other employees. However, my goal was to learn new things and boy, did I! Because I did the entire program at home on a dialup computer, it took me longer I'm sure, but it was worth it.

Week 6 (tagging and folksonomies and Technorati) was the longest and most difficult for me because it was packed with so many exercises. I loved learning about: blogs, wikis, podcasts, bloglines, RSS feeds, netlibrary, flickr, image generators, YouTube, and Zohowriter. My favorites were flickr, image generators, and Zohowriter.

I am quite sure that even though I may not use the websites in circulation at the libary, I will definitely use them at home. Knowledge of the netlibrary download system will be of use to me when I'm on the circulation desk in explaining how to download audiobooks etc. to patrons.

Before Learning 2.0 I knew there was a vast amount of net techniques and sites, but never did I imagine what we learned. It was like opening up a whole new world, and we barely scratched the surface. I'm looking forward to experimenting and practicing all this knowledge. I agree with you, Helene, it is only the beginning and I’m enthusiastic about learning more through other discoveries. I would definitely be involved again if ever anything like this is offered, but I would prefer that we have access to PC’s with internet services at MOR.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Helene Blowers for your hard work and patience in leading us in our quest for knowledge. I hope to meet you at Staff Day.